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Intentional Interim Pastor Bo Baumeister
The following words have always inspired me. “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)

These words inspire me because they point my eyes forward and upward. They exude hope. They pull me into seeking what is best in every situation. I believe God inspired Paul to write them because this sin-tainted world constantly seeks to drag me into the muck of dissension, distrust, and dispute. God calls me, and all his people, to a higher, lighter, grace-filled life.

I’m a farm boy from Nebraska. You can always tell a Nebraska boy, but you can’t tell him much. I married a beautiful Nebraska girl and even though my two children were born in Rhinelander, I made sure they spent their elementary years in Nebraska eating really good beef.

Our daughter now teaches English and our married son is a computer programmer. My wife Sonja and I recently moved from Portland, Oregon where tragically one of our Concordia Universities was forced to close earlier this year. We purchased a home in Lily where our first visitors were geese, a turkey hen, and a snapping turtle big enough to make your toes curl up a little bit in your shoes.

I love Husker football, baseball, bow hunting, building things, cigars, books, chainsaws, a cold beer on a hot day, and seeing what cool things God continues to do through ordinary and wonderful people. God called me to very different places throughout my life, but in each, He has humbled and taught me all kinds of truths. By his influence, we can continue this adventure of learning and serving together.

Peace in Jesus, Pastor Bo

Mrs. Lois Zill, Accompanist, Organist, Choir Director
Mrs. Marilyn Theel, Organist
Mr. Traci Meyers, Custodian
Ms. Lynn Smith, Administrative Assistant

The president, vice-president, secretary, financial secretary, and treasurer of the congregation serve as the corporate officers of the congregation and are the legal trustees. They meet at each council meeting in order to make special plans and coming activities.

Dan Everson – President
Jim Zill – Vice President
Kelly Coan- Secretary
Roxanne Mueller- Treasurer
Rosie Wolbrink- Financial Secretary

The corporate officers and the chairmen of the major boards and committees serve as members of the Church Council. The council meets monthly and acts upon recommendations of the various boards and committees, coordinates the activities and affairs of the congregation in accordance with the decisions of the Voters Assembly, and prepares the agenda for the voters’ meeting. All members can attend these meetings.

Matters of policy and all major decisions are made by the Voters’ Assembly. The assembly meets at least once a year. The adoption of the budget and the election of officers takes place at the meeting closest to the end of the calendar year. Meetings are held after the church service on Sunday mornings. All communicant members of the congregation, age 18 and over, are invited to become members of the Voters Assembly. In addition to the regularly scheduled meetings, special meetings of the Voters’ Assembly may be called as deemed necessary.

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